Thursday, June 18, 2009

DIY : Tail Lamp Restoration Project. Done!

Yep, the last part of the project. It is time consuming, but you can see the results now. And coincidentally, there are a few friends came to my house today for a visit. We'll go through later. And here is the tail lamp that I'd restored with so much love and care. LOL~

And who else to rely if not on Mr Jaguh, the big boss. Gosh, I wish everyone I knew is like him. Dash fitting process. Also time consuming coz troubleshooting the board circuit.

And the special guests of the day were, Asuramaru from Kelantan! He called me whether Im free or not, so I said we were fitting the tail lamp, so he said he'll come, and I pick him up at the nearby train station. He's the photographer of the day today.

And the other one is Afiq. One of my blog reader. Kelantanese also. Everyone came to see Jaguh in action. Kekekeke.

While Jaguh was fitting the meters, we were assembling back the tailies. Here's Asu in action. He's friendly and easy to get along with.

Then, Jaguh the expert was doing the wiring.

Done! Here's the new Bee. Oh, the emblem is too bulky so we decided not to fit it in.

And the new tailies. I guess I made a right desicion buyin it. Looks more 'muscle' now. Time to focus on a good wheels! Next! =P

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