Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Video : Fooling Around.

Met with a frends, Bakat (Gifted) and Ejat Trashed of Kelab Kereta Lama to have my carbie tuned. Bee had been coughing a few days ago. So, after a few try and error, its time to try the car.

Videos by Ejat Trashed. Thanks dude!

Testing the Bee. Not so fast though. And manage to get it sideways.

And they asked me to test Ejat's KE70.

Uhh, I miss drifting. Sigh.


Da Devil said...

i oso miss it...nw my car on jack stand for 2 days ady...haha...will be at KL for 2weeks starting on friday...hope ur semester havent started yet...den can hang out and take pics...as will be driving my avanza to kl..nt ceffy...haha

Anonymous said...

Did both of your cars have welded axle? I assume it'd be fun sliding in the rain though, have you guys tried?

Rosso said...

Nope, both of us are using an open diff. Just using the momentum.

I will lock my axle once the engine is in good condition.


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