Sunday, June 21, 2009

Games : Live For Speed Fever!

Gosh, this is the greatest driving game ever! Why? Coz the physics are so almost real and this is my training platform for drifting and racing theory. Whenever I came back from a drift event, or after I went for some drifting action, I'll returned home, and will play this game till morning to lepas gian. And it is real, most of the steering work and weight shift input is from the game, then for the output learning, there's Din's KE70 as a good platform.

And recently, this website had launched a very good 'skins' for the current car as LFS didnt have any real car license (except for BMW Formula 1 and soon a VW Scirocco). And my favourite car is FZ50, which is a naturally aspirated V6 engine (I guess) and RWD and the original skins was something that resembled a 350z. There's another car called XRT which is something similar to a SR20DET car. The original skins was something like a FC.

Anyway, the point is I wanna show this awesome job from the sites. Really a professional job. Presenting, a Nissan 180sx from Live For Speed. 3.5cc and a V6 engine. LOL~ I love this track and this car. Heavy body, powerful engine, very responsive, and weight transfer can be done easily. This is an advantage of a drifting a heavy car. Something similar to a 350z or a A31 with a V8 engine (Its not Joe Han car though.) perhaps.

See how superb was the skinning job.

And the other one is a Nissan Silvia S14! Powered by a 4cylinder engine and a turbine to boost up the performance, and I dont like this car. Hahaha. Turbo lag, body too light, slow body response and steering is light. Something like a KE70 with SR20DET. Maybe I dont have a good setup but still, I prefer the 180sx.

Anyway, you guys can check out the site for more details. But please buy the license and a good gaming steering wheel first! =)

This is a good video for introduction.

Meanwhile, Mok is having fun at Sarawak. You guys can check out her latest write ups at her blog. Here a photo of her in a traditional costume and my future parents in law too! XD

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