Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shop Visit : Exhaust Shop.

Bee sounds too loud this few days, so we decided to visit a nearby exhaust shop which is known for its cheapness and quality. So, up up she goes.

Main problem? Rusty center bullet. I guess its life ends today. RIP; 1977 - 2009.

Solution? Cut em up and there goes a straight pipe! And since we were already at a exhaust shop, why not try it? Try what? Check this out.

Taraa. A bend exhaust tip. I know it do looks fuckin weird from this angle due to its angle. Will make a new piping soon so that the tip will be 90degree from the body.

But from this angle, it does looks good. And I think Jaguh also wanna do the bent exhaust tips. Why not? Right?
The shop? Wei Yip. I guess most of us in KL might now this shop. They have a few branch but we went to the Balakong area. The manager in charge is very friendly. To custom the tip, it tooks him 5-6times and almost 30minutes altering the tip's angle and to have a customer like me usually it means more details needed and yes, they are good at it. They will do it until we are satisfied. And I recommend this shop to you! Plus one for the shop. We will be coming again soon.

Some vids, I asked the manager start the engine. Fuah, damn loud and beng! Straight pipe yo~

And the new exhaust's note. I guess it is too loud. Had tested it and I think I need a center bullet back! LOL~

Sorry for the lame vids! Hahaha. Coming up next week : DIY center panel with a few gauges and switches I think.


Anonymous said...

lao pekak i, u siap ek..hahahhahah

mcm2 awk ni...
as long as u are having fun..
im happy too!!!

Da Devil said...

lolz..why bend down???benf it up,den add the CF deflector to avoid getting black stain on the car...muehehe
bro..nex time need u to bring me to the olskool chop shop,need to find sumthing for my EE90

Rosso said...

Rotary style bro. Go search RX3 then you'll understand. Hehehe.

EE90? What car is that? Sure can. You pay the fuel. Kekekeke

Da Devil said...

corolla...SE...lolz...sure lar,i drive mah...anyway..where issit?puchong?

Rosso said...

Oi, corolla SE tahun bila?

If the 90' one dont have. Strictly below 80 or 80's era.

Nearby Ulu Yam I think..

Da Devil said...

adui...1989,shit...oh well

Rosso said...

That car I think you need to go to normal halfcut shop. Post me some images.

But, we can try. Why not? Right? What parts do you want? Coz I saw Ceffy parts I think.

jOsh_taKumi86 said...

wooo...chun bent tip...
hmmm kazu wana get silver top or might be blacktop for the corolla SE kah??wakaka


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