Friday, June 19, 2009

For Sale : 13' Watanabe.

Brand : Watanabe.
Model : Pisang / Banana.
PCD : 114.
Front size : 13'
Front offset : +10 x 6.5jj.
Rear size : -
Rear offset : -
Tyres : No tyres.

Rim units : ONLY 2 UNITS / 1 PAIR.

Price : RM 600 Highly Nego.
H/p number : 012 72 3345 4 / Amar.
Location : Prefer to be in KL area but I can post if you want.
Payment method : Prefer COD.

Others :
*Although this is my favorite rims, I need to sell the rims coz my engine's is about to gone. Need funds to overhaul / replace new engine.
*The rims had been refurbished by me. DIY.



Can view the restoration process at this link.

Thank you.


Mr.fool dunno nothing about cars said...

Wei... your car can fit rotary anot?
if can change lah... kumpul for rotary.. go crazy and have fun...

Rosso said...

Yep, can fit. Now collecting Rm for it.


Vince said...

Finally giving up hope on the RS?
In this case you can use back your 'flare'. How is your hunt for another bangkai 808 going? No luck? I thought you mentioned want to tow one home.... :)

Rosso said...

Wanna make a fund for the engine works. =)

Found out that the 808 belongs to a factory owner besides the car. Damn it. Summore road tax till 2010!

Still on the hunt. I'll need a few more stuffs to complete my Bee.


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