Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shop Visit : Oldschool's Heaven!

Today I went to a scrapyard! Yay! A new achievement in my life. LOL~ Anyway back to the story, the mission was to find a pair of a god-damn Mazda 808 fenders. The scrapyard was located somewhere in Ulu Yam. Yep, that's very far from my house. And of course Jaguh was with me. Before we arrived here, we saw a few Mazda 808 on the road. One at a chopshop and the other one was at a workshop.

We stopped at this two location. The first one, we asked the chopshop tokey but he said its not his and I already tought of stripping a few stuffs on the car since every badge and etc is complete. Nothing was missing. But the tokey advise us to came back in 1-2 weeks time to see if there's an owner to claim it, or otherwise Im willing to tow it back to somewhere. Hehehe.

Second shop? Well, it belongs to an uncle. Hargh, again dissapointed. So after a few calls for a direction, we arrived to this scrapyard, which I already forgot the shop's name. Hehehe. And if you asked me, this is a HEAVEN despite everything there were messy, not in order and kampung theme.

Gearbox anyone?

And it was raining... Fuh, it was like in a movie, a horror one. So, we asked the boss for a 808's fender, and yes they have it! Went to the location, and dissapointed again. Yes, they have it. ONE piece and rusty. Chet.

Again dissapointed, we went to see some tail lamps. A few pairs of 808's tailight. I was very tempted to buy the rectangular tail light for 808, but there's no point of me buying it since my tail light is still in good condition. So off we went to search other stuffs while Im thinking a list of stuffs that my car doesnt have. Was looking for a center console but they dont have it, and a few other stuffs that I found was:

Driver-side chrome lining.

A shrout for the radiator.
Very rare find! A pair of vented thingy for the rear pillar.

Another rare find was the skyline rear panel! Bought it for a Kelab Kereta Lama member.

A gear set for driver's side window complete with two lever.

The cost? More than hundreds for all these small stuffs. Expensive? Yes. Am I satisfied? Yes! Why? When I bought my Bee, everything that I did with her were an adventure. It was like putting back together many pieces of Lego. One piece at a time. I dont have this memory with my Getz as everything is complete, just upgrading the looks.

Well, we'll go to another scrapyard next week somewhere in Nilai or in KL. Thank you to Jaguh for accompanying me today.


Edgar H said...

Ah, the old scrapyard. They're heaven indeed. You get the stuff you need for less money. Why do you need fenders anyway, Rosso? What about working on the old ones?

joshua said...

u went to kamachee??

potong leher 1... that boss need to ayat abit more to get good deal 1...

bro another tip.. next time... check behind.. got some rare rims ... lol

Rosso said...

Edgar, when I was looking around, I saw a few Charmant stuffs. Already thought about you and Stan. Unfortunetaly, I dont have Stan's num, or else I might be bringing back a few stuffs. :P

Josh, yes, its Kamachee! Heh, the boss memang cekik darah, but, I got a good price for the air ventilator and the Skyline panel, but the window gear is overpriced, RM45. We went to the back, but no rare rims spotted.

Next visit? Square tail lamps and steel rims. Muahaha.

Rosso said...

Oh, I forgot.

My fender is in a bad condition sice it was rolled few months ago. And it is not symmetrical. Yes I can use the wide fender, but I need more offset rims for the front.

Becoz of the Watanabe, I need to find a pair of standard fender to make it tuck nicely.


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