Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random : Rough Idea For Future Bee.

Was browsing the Internet and found out a few good looking Mazda 808. And I think there's a few stuffs that Im interested to copy. Hey, Im not a copycat! Just wanna have something different on Bee.

The first one is the black bumper on the yellow 808. Looks like my Bee too! XD And the plate number on the left is a good idea too. But a steel plate will good even better I guess.

Square tail light and the bent muffler. Really love it. You can usually found it on a Mazda RX3.

Anymore ideas? Jaguh please comment~ Interested with the tail light? Hehehe.


Jaguh said...

I say no to painting the bumper black.. i proposed u polished it throuly using the polish machine and then use clear coat to protect it.. black will ruin the mint-ness of your RX3 bumper..

For the tailies, i say go for it if u have the time to restore it to condition like at the blue coupe..

and one more thing.. Drop it on the visual mods and do concentrate on the AC and engine first.. hehe.. looks second, performance first.. make ur car f'run first.. I think Afiq also agree with me on this just now..

jOsh_taKumi86 said...

woot woot!!nice...

yep..bumper go for chrome...looks much olskool and cooler...hehe

mannn~..those lowered damn nice...

Rosso said...

Black bumper = Will be considered soon.

Tail lamp = SOLD to me! HAHAHAHAHA.

Lowered = Wait till we found a friend at machinery, then I'll slammed it!


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