Saturday, June 13, 2009

Story : Drift Practise.

Yesterday, I received an SMS from somebody. He told me that he had followed my blog quite a time and is interested to join our activities such as drift events and club activity. Since my battery went flat, I didnt reply it. And today, Jaguh called me and told me that Din was gonna go to have some drifting practise at open car park. So, I called the dude and told him to follow me to the area. His name is Afiq and he's using a Toyota KE70 with a gorgeous set of 15' SSR Mark I. Forgot to snap some pics. Maybe next time.

So usual routine, we arrived, and took out all the tools and tyres and a few minutes later, its time to have some fun.

Jaguh and Din were in the pic.

And everytime I went to see Din, there's always new stuffs on his car. Really jealous at him. Argh! A set of Longchamp really looks good on his car.

And the other one is the Sparco Junior and a set of Sabelt. Both were sold at a very very very cheap price. Lucky him.

Back to the story, Din was improved but still need a lot more practise on the steering work. Yes, more practise Din! More! And more tyres will be sacrifised too. Haha.

And another shot on him. We were using a small scale layout of Bukit Jalil.

Jaguh were as usual. No spun and a good steering work. Feewit~ Cant wait for his workshop to be open one day. I want to be the share partner.

And finally, its my turn. I took our new friend for a spin. His first time though. The bucket and the Sabelt really hug me during cornering.

Screet! Thanks to Jaguh @ my backup photographer for the pics.

And the results? Maximum usage of the tyres. Till the steel thread. Thank you Mr. Tyre. Haha.

And if you happened to know the location, just keep it for yourself. There's no need to revealed it coz we dont encourage people to do public drifting. LOL~

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Jaguh said...

Argggghhh need to get my car drifting asap.. Pinjam keter orang jer tak best ar pulak.. haha.. Next year perhaps it will bed done..


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