Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DIY : Tail Lamp Restoration Project. Part 2.

Yep, second day of the DIY project. Woke up late at 1pm and while taking bath, I took the oppurtunity to sand the surface so that old paint, dirt and all kind of other shit will be washed away. Dried it up and it is ready to be painted.

Thank God today's weather is sunny. Im using a flat black can spray and for a gloss finish I used the clear coat so that it will be scratch resistant.

While waiting for it to dried up, I went to have my lunch and polishing the lens, and also AutoSol-ing the emblem one more time.

Taraa. Bee's has a black eye now. Dunno who had punched her in the eye. LOL.

Since everything had dried up, I went back to my room and its fitting time. Put the lens all back to the cover.

To seal the lens from outside moist, I used the silicone. Its kinda hard to make it perfect but dont worry if you had screwed it up. Once the silicone had dried, it becomes a rubber seal. You can just simply pull it.

Some final touch up. Paint marker to do a 'fake' chrome lining as most of the chrome lining had already fade and no hope to be restored. This is the hardest part. It is time consuming.

After three hours, this is the results. Of course I do made some mistakes, but its normal for a human to do it. For a safety measure, spray a few clear coat layer so that the fake chrome will not fade.

Assembled everything back together and it is now ready to be fitted onto Bee! Anyway, which one should I use? Hmmm.

Have fun trying!


MOK's said...

macam2 la u ni..hahhahha
guna la yg mane2 pn..
sume cantik cyg....

stanleycarter said...

Sweet! Sweet! Job well done there Amar, so proud of you!

Da Devil said...

SWEET...nice..sure very satisfied wif ur own i wish i got sumthing to do on my car..hehe

Rosso said...

Mok, I guna yang petak ekkk.. Hehehe.

Stan, thank you for the compliments! Im sure you'll do the same for the Charmant.

Kazu, if only the A31 is mine. I'll do a mega project already. Unfortunately I only have a 808.


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