Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wanted : Mazda 808 Fender.

As per title, Im looking for a pair of Mazda 808 front fender. Hopefully the condition is OK. If there's a rust, I hope its only a surface rust. Plz contact me at 012 72 3345 4.Give me a reasonable price and courier cost to Cheras,KL if cannot COD.

Thank you.



Vince said...

I was wondering if you would be able to find a half cut 808. I think that is cheaper in the long run and you can harvest stuff in the car for your Bee. Any when you see 1/2 cut normally you can see the bone, they will strip the carpet.

Rosso said...

Hehehe. Is there any 808 h/c? I never found one. Oh well, I know its kinda hard to find the car parts, just trying my luck.

Vince said...

To be honest, you need to get people who have link to junkyard owners. Due to fact that proton takes in old car the RM5k rebate program, there is potential that there will be an 808 lying around waiting to rust down. So may be you can spread the word around and see your luck. :P

Rosso said...

Yeah. I wish I have. Tanjung Malim port was in my head too.. Hahahaha.

Shitty Proton with its scam campaign. Less 5k but need to take loan for another 10years. Proton sucks and it will be forever.

Already asked around, if there's no answer, maybe I'll fiber it up. All the hassle is bcoz of the Watanabe.



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