Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DIY : Tail Lamp Restoration Project. Part 1.

Okay, to be honest, Im really excited with the new stuffs that I had bought. So, Im not gonna waste my night time. First lets see the new tail lamp. Covered in dust and only one single crack. Im satisfied with the purchase. And it is sold quite cheap in my opinion.

My next step was to remove the cover from the lens. It was really hard as some of the screw had already in super rusty condition and some of em had no Philips head anymore. What I did was cursed it, then try unscrew it. Failed, I cursed it again and pull it as strong as I can BUT be careful with the old plastic cover so that it didnt break. Some of em just broke into pieces some of em still attached to the cover.

Now, remove the lens. BUT please be extra careful especially if the lens is crack like this one. I had broke it anyway. Now it is in 2 pieces. Hehehe. I'll super glue it tomorrow. =P

Clean it up with a strong current of water and some soap.

Then, dried it up and it is now ready to be sprayed with a flat black tomorrow.

Next! My current tail lamp. What I really like about this tail lamp is the hexagon reflection in the lens. It really does fit my car theme anyway. But, it is too common nowadays. XD

And this one was easy to be removed. Most of the screw had been replaced anyway.

Clean it up with the same method shown above and dried it up. And it is ready to be spray tomorrow too!

Meanwhile, this is the badge that I had bought. Covered in dust, and no hope to be restored anyway. BUT...

With the help from AutoSol, it is shining now! Wow, never knew that AutoSol can be use on a plastic chrome surface. This is the hardest job today. I was polishing it six times I guess. Tomorrow I'll AutoSol it a few more times.

And finally, the meters. The measurement is in Miles though. I need to check my Math book first to convert it to Km/H. LOL~

Same steps and method too. Except I didnt wash the meters as it will damage it. Clean it up and dried it. And now it is ready to be assemble in Bee!

That's all folks! Happy trying and its time for me to go to bed. Really tired now.


Dennis Tan said...

wow nice bro~ had to get myself a few bottle of autosol already~ ^^ congrate on your bee's recovery plan continued.~ lol~


Da Devil said...

bro...the flat black paint...where to buy?normal hardware shop got sell??hehe...cant wait to sit in ur bumble bee again..wakaka

Rosso said...

Dennis, the AutoSol is in a tube. Like a toothpaste. Dont expose your hand on the AutoSol for a long time, or else the AutoSol will 'eat' you a lil bit and makin it painful just like what I felt now. LOL~ Thanks for the wish.

Kazu, any hardware shop should have it. Just ask them for a flat black. Uii, what Im doing right now is restoring the outside, the inside is still the same, or should I say getting worse.. Hehehe.

phat_lee said...

your meter in miles ek? x 1.62 la everytime u speeding...hehehe...waaa..enjoy ek..aku jumpa sebijik keta mcm accord aku..rasa nak beli sebijik tu..amik parts yang boleh,yang boleh simpan..belen jual timbang kati...

Rosso said...

Oh, kali 1.62 rupenye. Anyway aku penah jumpe model kete ko 2kali sahaja. Dua2 dalam ati aku ada cakap, kalaula Lee nampak ni, mesti dah complete barang kete dia ni.

Aku pun, kalau ade peluang, memang nak beli satu kereta complete, and then salin apa2 yang patut.


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