Thursday, June 25, 2009

Info : Bee's Background.

Just a few infos from the internet. Need to do some research coz Bee's engine is not 1.3, its 1.4. So more questions were popped. What is the engine code? From what car? So, first I checked the grant and found out the engine code is UC.

From what I found on the Wikipedia:

The 1973 Familia Preso featured a 1272 cc engine. It was sold as the Mazda 808 in some export markets such as New Zealand and Australia and Asia Pacific markets and Mazda 818 in many others (presumably due to the usage of numbers with a middle zero by Peugeot for its automotive models). In Japan this model is also known as the Mazda Grand Familia and its top line model is a 2 door coupé with twin round headlamp and a rotary powered engine known as the RX-3.

This generation was available in coupé, sedan, and station wagon forms. Engines were inline 4 cylinders and included a 1272 cc, a 1490 cc, and a 1586 cc option.


  • 1973-1976 - 987 cc I4, 50 hp (37 kW)/56 ft·lbf (77 N·m)
  • 1970-1973 - 1.3 L (1272 cc) TC I4, 2 barrel, 69 hp (51 kW)/67 ft·lbf (92 N·m)
  • 1973-1976 - 1.6 L (1586 cc) I4, 80 hp (60 kW)/91 ft·lbf (124 N·m)

Malaysian version of 808 should be running on a 1.3L engine with the TC engine code. Unless yours is a Mazda RX3, then it will be a rotary 12A inside.

And from Wikipedia, it is known that the UC series are:
  • 1.4 L (1416 cc, 86 cu in) (77x76 mm) - A larger-bored version of the TC, used in the 1978-1980 Mazda GLC. Produced 70 hp (52 kW). Was also used in the E1400 Bongo van and the 1984-87 Ford Econovan. Has been mistakenly called a D4 engine in some documentations and parts catalogues.
So, problem solved! The previous owner had swapped the original engine with a Ford Econovan/ Mazda Bongo's engine. I hope most of the spare part shop still have the overhaul set for the engine. Should I overhaul now or wait first? Hehehehe. I love my money. Kekekeke.

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