Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Steering Wheel

Taraa.. My new steering wheel. Courtesy of Jaguh. He'd been pushed by me to sell his steering. Hahaha. Sorry bro, I really like you steering wheel. But atleast you got your Nardi now. Right right?

The bosskit doesnt fit nicely so Im cutting it a bit to make it 'ngam'. Still cutting it now by the way. A little show off. lol.

More updates in the evening!


Da Devil said...

woot...found bosskit ady...nice momo...very nice.....wonder when can sit in ur car again...hahaden can molest the steering....lolz...

Rosso said...

Im using Wira's bosskit. Got this squeeky noise when turn so I had to loosen up a bit the screw. But now already OK. Maybe you are the one who should let me molest your Skyline steering!

jaguh said...

U should thank Iza for this kay , Dia ckp kau tak boleh tido malam lar , mandi x basah .. huhu da obses dgt Momo .. so i let go lar , main reason was the dish is too deep for my car .. I dont really want to let go the Momo .. but kawan punya pasal ambik lar .. Summore need to make way for Nardi , Torino summore wawawa .. sure mimpi basah malam nie haha .. cant wait to install it tomorrow .. Closer and closer to converting my KEtam into a family car .. huhu

proxy_ieza said...

thanks to me??heheh
maybe la

yeah..jaguh!!converting ur KEtam to a fam car??
put fridge+astro inside huh??

anyway,let amar fall in love more to da new miss MOMO...!!
(im ok wit it..wuwuwu)


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