Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Humble Ride

Its a gift from my parents after I finish my SPM. Im not bragging or what, but this is a blog, where Im supposed to come up with a story to tell.

Its a Hyundai Getz. In Malaysia, it has two types of engine which is 1.3L and 1.6L, and mated with automatic transmission. Manual tranny is rare, it comes with two types, two doors version which is rare also and four doors which is common.

Mine is four doors version, and comes with a 1.3L engine and auto tranny. Suppose to be my mom's car before it was given to me. Why? No power laa this car.

This is when I got it waaay back after I finish my SPM;

and this is the latest pic;

Current spec:
*Voltage stabilizer.
*Cold air intake.
*Performance exhaust.
*GAB lowered springs.
*16' GTi rims. (Its damn heavy, trust me!)
*Front tyres, Kumho Ecsta. Rear tyres, Bridgestone Sport Tourer.
*Front spacers, 6mm. Rear spacers, 8mm. (Theorytically, to improve handling.)

Most of the 'ghost' surely will said this to me, "Alah, kereta bapak, modified guna duit bapak bolehla.." Sadly I do said the car belong to my parents. There's no point bragging your parent's car. And all the modified parts I brought it with my own savings. Not their money.

Back to topic, I know it looks a bit 'Beng-ish', but I dont mind. Im trying to be unique with the design. If you noticed, the OEM rims and the GTi rims do look the same. The purpose is to have a kinda 'prototype' theme car which suppose to have a big rims and looks like OEM. Well, that's the idea lah.

Im thinking of upgrading the handling. With my current state as a student and I dont have my own funds, I think 'touge' will be a perfect sport for me. (But actually I still wanna play drift!!) Touge? What's that? Visit and you will know. I learned bout touge from the sites.

Lets see, an UltraRacing front and room bar or a new steering wheel? Haha.

1 comment:

proxy_ieza said...

u really know how to pimp ur ride..
cuz i've heard not one but many have said
"weh,kete amar cun la..."

so,u got a nice ride already!
i really enjoyed riding in ur car,than mine(cuz mine is standard one rite..)


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