Monday, September 22, 2008

Night Class

Huaa.. Can you feel my tiredness? Guess not. My daily routine usually consist a morning class and an evening class. And to some extent, the lecturer love to make night class. The reason I hate UTM is because now UTM dont have enough lecturer, hence there is many part-timer lecturer. If you got a part-timer teaching you, most probably you will get night classes which is a nightmare.

Night class = Tired = Assignment cant be finished = Tomorrow skip class. Get it?

And tonight? Somehow my eyes getting blur, or is it the camera? Haha. I cant see the writings in the board. Plus got few peoples blocking my view. See that 2 'lengchai'? I got a story of em'. Just saving it for the best part. One is asshole+bad ass, the other one is nerd+good boy. I will write about them soon~ For now, lets guess which one is the asshole, shall we? ^-^

Oh no, I cant see my writings!

Today we went to Big Apple Donuts, trying a few donuts. One of those is quite unique, its called 'Duren Duren' which the filling is Durian. Yep, you heard me, the King of fruits. I just love durian, so Im tring it today. Haha. Unique isnt it? The spike is sharp! Seriously. You can feel it torturing you mouth when you put it in you mouth. Haha.Its just it doesnt fluffy as J-Co Donuts.


Chris said...

That looks poisonous..

Rosso said...

It does taste good! :P

Da Devil said...

nite class...lolz...u try to come to my for today..i juz study from 10am till 9.30pm...lolz...damn sleepy and tired man..

hmm..the black shirt is the bad ass?

Rosso said...

Why the black one Kazu? Hehehe. I wont tell anyone yet. Will make a proper writing soon

jaguh said...

Night class is normal bro, ur lucky u got chair and table can sleep summore in class.. Unlike me , No chair , no table , No sufficient PPE . Class from 9-12 working the Lathe machine and milling machine .. any slip or mistake could cost me my finger hehehe ..

Make love no war, Bad mouthing is normal for teenagers .. Just learn how to put it aside and ignore it.. "I am what I am , Whatever you say dosent affect me" Live by that rule .. BTW You call those 2 guys lengchai ??, U seriously have a problem dude .. Jay Chou is what u call lengchai. Them 2, hmmm never in a thousand year ..

Dunkin is the benchmark , J-co is ok but the donut is too thin but i like its fluffiness tough .. Big Apple hmmm not lovin it so muchs..

proxy_ieza said...

I got nothing to say bout dat ass-ass thing..
dun wan to mess up my mind either...

i got no nite class,n it feels good..
last time i got nite class everyday..
so myb i deserve no nite class now..

da donut-->makes me wan more!!but makes me MOK too!!

Rosso said...

hahahaha.. Wait till I write bout the asshole... Just wait..Now gathering nice pics of him first!


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