Monday, September 22, 2008

Hari Raya Shopping?

Shopping? Raya? Neh, not anymore. This 2-3years, I dont have any mood for raya and all this. Why? Maybe the sign of me getting old. Haha. No lah, it just that Im concentrating more on the exam rather than enjoying myself. So this year, I only bought one jeans, and one slipper.

The balance I has already spent at my Getz :P This year Im giving a chance to my ride to have a Raya feeling. lol.

Slipper? RM130? Its Crocs. Seriously, if you just love walking, I recommend this brand. Its light, its non-slippery,and its look good too! Last year, I bought a fake one and it does feel good except a few slips on the wet floor. So this year Im getting myself an original one.

Taraa, the plastic bag. Looks good isnt it?

Fake VS Original.

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