Sunday, September 14, 2008


Just a boring Sunday morning. Some writings before I packed up and return to my college. Sigh, another stressful week is up ahead! I hate study a subject I dont like. Back to topic.

I love spacers! It makes all plain-look cars look more attractive and it improves handling too! The first car with a bulky spacer that I saw was Jai's car which is a Nissan Bluebird 910sss (one of my dream drift machine).

His spacer is 2inch something. Plus with an offset rims, wallah! See for yourself;
Nice isnt it? So what can a student with a small income do to get this kinda look? Hehe. Well, I found out they do sell spacer at Eneos OU so I bought two for 6mm and 8mm. Why the size soo small? Coz I feared my screw will snap or the lug cant be tighten if the spacer's size is too 'great'. So here some pics.

The spacer.

Finally my tyres is align with my fender! Haha.

Front tyres is out from the body.

Rear tyres also!

So the question is, does it really improves my handling? Well, to me I just put it as a cosmetic upgrade. Plus the spacer I put is too small in thickness, so no comment from my sides. lol.

Happy Sunday. Im returning to college. *Sobs


Chris said...

I dont like spacers.. offsets are fun =P

but to each, his own =)

IDrift. said...

dah add dah link ko. thanks for reading!

Rosso said...

Chris - offset + spacer = more fun.
idrift - you are welcome. thanks for reading too!


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