Saturday, September 13, 2008

My 'drift' machine

I dont have a drift machine but yet there's an event I entered before which is Bukit Jalil Drift Academy. Then how do I drift? With what car? Who's car?

I maybe the luckiest guy as I have a friend that really trust me coz he lend me his car and let me practised drift around the track! Plus we always swap cars, I brought his car to my campus and gave him my car. lol. He is Afif a.k.a Jaguh89. He surely got a lot of advise and story if you have a chance to talk to him. A kind and honest guy to be exact.

The car is a Toyota Corolla KE70 DX. A popular drift machine in Malaysia. He's a local student at Universiti Kuala Lumpur and taking Automotive Engineering. I do jealous at him with the course he's taking. Hehehe. He's my mechanic for now. Repair minor problems only :P

The car (not with the best appearance though);
Current specs;
*Spring 'potong'.
*Mangkuk rims. (not shown in the pics)
*Performance exhaust.
*Welded axle.

It might not be the best drift machine ever, but I guess this is my first drift car. Although not mine. Hahaha. Just got a latest news, the axle already broke, so he changed to a standard one. Sigh, no more drifting for now.

Old memories (the first pic is me and the second one is Jaguh89);

Another practise session pics:
And after the KE70 tyres gone, I use my car to go sideways;

Oh, by the way,Jaguh is opening a small garage soon. Congratulation to him!

I still got a lot to type, but I think slowly will be better. Ok, DotA time! Those of you that play Garena, can add me by the username 'arm_flip4crew'.


jaguh said...

Wawawa my KE story oso featured in ur bloggies meyh huhu .. honored .. Major prob oso can do now , just finish studying with my sifu .. huhu

The weld broke 3 times dy , no more budget to weld mah , Now stop drifting first lah, when financial stable weld again .. or wait till u get one drift car haha

Rosso said...

My drift car? Lets wait until I finish my degree. Lets change direction to touge!

proxy_ieza said...

wait till our savings enough to buy a drift car..

but in any way,i still support ur interest in drifting...


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