Monday, September 22, 2008

Buka Puasa with Getzzone Club

Last Saturday, I finally decided to show up back to the club (after a while I'd dissapeared due to some internal conflict). And they are having a dinner at Impian Golf Country Resort. Its the largest gathering for the club which is around 20-30 cars, to be spesific its Hyundai Getz.

So as usual, if a Malay said its 5.30pm, you can bet they will show up earlier is 6pm, some even at 6.30pm! How good is that for us that had waited since 5.20pm :) Some even came from JB just for the dinner.

Here's a pic us waiting, note that waiting is not fun especially when you are wearing Baju Melayu and for the girls wearing Baju Kurung:

Pic of us convoying to the resort.

And pic of us being greedy taking a LOT of foods and didnt finished it up. lol. Our table had the most food on the table. Hahaha.

And this one? One and only Getz Sportiz in the club and only a few in Malaysia. Very rare. It has a manual tranny, a Hotbits air intake, Hotbits exhaust system, Hotbits suspension, a different version of interior wrapping and a lot of other goodies! The price? Hah, compare to us that is CBU, old facelift is around RM7x,xxx, the local one including this goodie bag is only RM5x,xxx only! How good is that~


proxy_ieza said...

i take quite gud pics huh??

well,really have fun dat day!!

Rosso said...

Good? The setup was Auto confirmla the pics not so bad :P


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