Sunday, September 28, 2008

Going Back to Kelantan

Tonight, I'll be driving back to Kelantan. Dad gonna drive his car, and Im with mine. Before we go, I had sent Getz for a wash. To make it a bit cleaner. Yesterday had sent Getz for a checkup and new pairs of shoe to make sure there will be no problems on the way. Hopefully.

Getz being cleaned. Shine oh shine baby. lol.

Then I go to Petronas to fill up the gas. Wanna try the 'Auto Work'. Will it work? Or the other way around?

Half tank clocked a 178.8 km. City drive and wangan at midnight.( less than 130km/h, thats the best for Getz. lol)

Full tank at RM80.63, 32.910 litres. Kazu, can you help me do the calculation later please? Hehe. Interested to know how much the car consume petrol.

And in the evening, Mom cleaned up our house's water filter. See the gross-rust color on the filter. Euuuw! Trust me, you all need a proper filter to ensure the water you are drinking is LESS poluted. Just see the color. Argh.. This is just 2months filtration.


Chris said...

Have a safe trip man, Slamat Hari RAYA!

Da Devil said...

well half tank was like lets assume tat full tank will get ur mileage at 357.6km,and u pay abt Rm80.63...
so will be like RM0.22/km

hehe...anyway...Selamat Hari Raya dude....have a safe trip..dun wangan so many speed traps...haha

Zamildrift. said...

Woih. Link ler blog aku.

Pergh siot air kotor dow! Blog lame aku zamildrift aku dah ditch dah link die. Sekarang mamat mane pakai, haha.

Rosso said...

chris = thanks dude!

kazumimi = So the car save fuel o not?

zamil = lerr..ingat blog kena hack.

Da Devil said...

l0lz...b4 u plug in,how much u had to pay for full tank?well the most easy way is nw see how much $ u pump full tank b4 and after using tat stuff....

ps - i knw mine is working damn well nw...muehehe


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