Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Day In A Class

My normal routine :

*Wake up LATE.
*Face a morning traffic jam and a *sigh* coz boring routine.
*Enter the class late due to traffic jam and a blur face coz sleepy.
*Concentrate for 5 minutes for the boring lecturer, 30 minutes for the good lecturer.
*Finally ended up talking and chatting with classmate.

Results? Still dean list so far. Hehehe.

It doesnt matter if the subject is hard or what, to me if the lecturer has a good way to teach us, it become simple and interesting to learn! Sigh. I wanna finish my study faster and go somewhere else better. UTMKL is not providing a good equipments and facilities. lol. Local university. Sigh. G really need to improves all facilities here. Or are they too busy corrupting themselves? Hmm.

Me? Being retarded for a while? Too tension? Maybe. On the right is our class monitor, Bin.

What am I doing on 5am? Still not sleeping! I dont have class tomorrow! Hahahaha. How good is that!? Maybe tomorrow my 'Momo' will arrived! Yes, finally!


Da Devil said...

momo?wat momo???steering?pedals?hand break handle?lolz...or those gaming steering??haha

Rosso said...

Steering wheel.


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