Friday, September 26, 2008

A Visit to DoriDori Autoparts

Today I went to DoriDori to get my voltmeter and to hangout at the workshop. Why DoriDori? Can you just go to nearby accesories shop and get a voltmeter? Well, actually I do feel comfortable when dealing with DoriDori. Why? Coz thats the only workshop (Not a typical tyre shop, or car service shop) I had ever been! Hahahaha.

Well, DoriDori just moved from Ampang to Shah Alam. Actually, I knew about DoriDori from a person called Jaza a.k.a Sakaito in He's famous. Trust me. Most of people involved in motorsport, especially drift, confirm knew Jaza. Basically DoriDori is a specialist in halfcut searching, engine transplant, bodykit, performance part, drift tuning and car's accesories. So what am I doing in a tuner shop just to get a voltmeter? lol.

Dealing with Jaza makes your life a lil bit happier. You get cheap fees for labour work and low price for parts, free advises from the master, and you can make a new friends. lol. The workers there also very friendly. So far, I do have a good experience there. This is my 2nd time sending my car there. The 1st one is Jaguh's KEtam (I dont care, its mine also what~ hahaha). They worked on KEtam welded axle.

So, here's some meters that are for sale. (vaccum, water temp, oil temp, voltmeter)
One for RM120 including installation.

Nice rims for sale:

My car's going for some minor surgery:

While waiting, there are some other cars inside also:

An A31 doing some axle surgery. From standard axle to viscous LSD. Nice rims!

A Satria is having port & polish process:

So after waiting awhile, this is the result:

Its an old school meter. So cant expect it will work like those Defi's or others. Just basic display with amber backlight. I dont have high budget to opt those expensive meters,so Im trying to be wise with my choices. Plus, a simple logic, less attraction = less risk of thievery. Hehehehe. Next meter will be installed after Raya I guess. Water temp meter. ^-^

A better cockpit for me now. One more meter coming soon.

Interested to visit the shop? Here's the address and the contact person.

Jaza - 017 66 77 0 99

No 4, Jln Penggawa U1/75, Seksyen U1
Taman Perindustrian Batu Tiga
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

DoriDori is the authorized dealer for HDi intercooler in Malaysia, MOTUL, and Q8 Oils.


Da Devil said... an A31 1 there...i should go there today..argh...

proxy_ieza said...

nice meter..
huhu..after raya i wanna see how it works k??

Chris said...

From Ampang to Shah Alam? time have to travel liaw.

When you gonna install boostmeter bro? *hint**hint*

Rosso said...

Kazu = Told ya~~ Hahahaha.

Mok = After raya, add another one :P

chris = from Ampang, just go through Federal Highway. Exit at Stadium Shah Alam. Then... Call Jaza. Hahaha. Boost meter? sigh, maybe another 5years after I have graduate, Getz will have a 13b inside. Who knew?

jaguh said...

Owh Dori2 why lar jauh sgt .. so many nice things there .. tergugat iman woo .. Caiyok , masuk jugak volt meter tu ..

No need 13b , too hard to convert , B16A or B18B .. pergh , or K20A or B20A .. V-tec bai huhuhu .. Mini can use this engine , why cant Getz huhu

Chris said...

if you can afford 13B liaw, get a sexy as sex FD wooo!

Trying to sell my FF man, want a FR so bad..

btw Rosso, where do you stay? Cheras?

Rosso said...

Jaguh = can be considered soon~ kwang2

chris = yep, Cheras Alam Damai

Da Devil said...

bro...after water temp,den wat?exhaust temp?vacuum pressure?

anwyay...once u got 3 meter ady...mod ur A pillar to fit all 3 meters....muehehe


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