Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Luck Bad Luck?

Today, Jaguh and myself went touge at Bukit Langat at 12am. Everytime I went to touge, this creepy feeling always pop up. The feelings are "I hope everything will be OK, I hope there is no accident, I hope I do live after the touge." Yes, that's my feeling everytime I went touge. And also, this is my first time touge-ing with a friend. Usually I touge alone. Just today I do sense problem will happen, and it does!

So, Jaguh arrived at 11.30pm at my house. Before we went, I already told him "Kita relax jela, tak payah laju sangat, and tak payahla potong-potong orang." So off we go.
Through out the road, it took us about 30mins to reach the foot of hill. We are on the Langat site. The other exit is at Ampang. And here's a pic before we start.
There is a few rules that myself set for me everytime I go touge. First, do not overtake the front car you are chasing. You are not racing or what. Just having fun controlling your car. Secondly, do not overtake others that do not touge unless you are very very sure there are no other cars in front. Well, that's my rules. I dont know about you guys though.

So we past the uphill, and downhill we go. Even uphill, Jaguh's car clearly show some sign of oversteer even the corner is not sharp. Take note that his car is still in a standard condition, spring that had been cut, a used tyres that we had drifted, and a dead suspension. And poof! There's problem. While downhill, Jaguh car went oversteer completely before spun and facing my car! I already turn my steering to the maximum, but my car also, sadly understeer coz we are quite fast while downhill. So I jammed my brake, and luckily Jaguh reversed his car while he was facing me to avoid the collision. The most luckiest part is that there are no other cars! To me Jaguh spun coz a car in front of him brake too much before entering the corner. And yes, there was nobody behind me. Lucky you Jaguh! So we went to a stop on the top of the hill. Jaguh do told me his car is not in the best condition and he entered the corner too fast. So we took a break to cool down the engine temperature and to relieve the shaky feel coz of the nearly accident. Here's a few pics. Sorry I didnt bring my SLR.

Jaguh trying to look cool after the nearly accident.
Our car:

After all the feeling had cool down, we continued to the Ampang exit with Afif still in front. And the we U-turn back with me in front. As usual, we do not have a single problem during uphill. And after that, downhill which is quite scary. I do feel the pressure while in front. The pressure is that making my ego want to go faster leaving Jaguh behind. And I did it BEFORE......

I was waaay too fast while entering a sharp corner. And guess what? My car went oversteer! And the most stupid part is that I slammed the brake too hard making the car went 'choku-dori' before heading straight to the railguard in the opposite direction of the traffic. Luckily, I already experienced this kinda problem during my last drift session so I managed to somehow control the steering and avoid the railguard and also the opposite car slow down and we stopped at the road side. My feeling was really disturbed after that. I really depressed. I had failed to control my car. There's a few time I went touge, but I never lost control of the car. But I do thank God for saving us TWICE from the accidents.

So we went down and stop at nearby restaurant. Jaguh had his 'sahur' and me still depressed just have a drink. I do feel stupid coz going too fast and honestly scared. Who wouldnt scared when facing an accident? Jaguh tried to cheer me up by saying the real problem of my car was the tyres Im using. But then I said, Im already using performance tyres. He do agree with it BUT his main point is my tyres are already expired. Sigh, how could I forget about those! He said my car's bodyroll are already in the minimal condition. He saw it while I was accidently 'choku-dori.' He said the other problem was my car roofline is too tall. Sigh, I do feel kinda blur thinking a solution for that. Can this be a reason for me to put the Ultra Racing bar?

For his car, he already expected the problem will occur if he's going fast. So he's not all that touching like me. There's a few lesson I learned today;
*Know your car's condition.
*Know your car limits.
*Dont let your ego take over you.
*Dont drive fast. lol.
*Pray for safety before you went touge.
*Control you car as safe as possible.

What do you guys think? Good luck or bad luck? Did my stupidity had caused my problem?


proxy_ieza said...

good luck 4 u in dat morn..
u guys are sooo lucky..
(can still celebrate raya,then..)

well,for now,stop touge-ing..
should play 'wangan'instead??

->drive carefully..
->no fast,no furious

Rosso said...

Wangan --> straight only. Boring.

Touge King said...

I am always confident whenever I go up the touge :) You can too with the following:

1) At the touge, it is always important to think at least 12 seconds ahead, i.e., to plan your escape routes, e.g., the car in front suddenly brakes, you know where to go, etc..

2) Do not go fast and hope to get lucky. It all comes down to skills. You need to practice:
a) weight transfer
b) heel and toe
c) left foot braking (especially for auto!)
d) threshold braking

I just wished you are close to my neighborhood. I should be able to help you improve...

Rosso said...

I guess 12seconds rules can be implemented if you can see infront of you. But Langat hill is really dark.

Your 2nd rules is the one that I didnt apply at all. Sigh. I do feel sucks right now. And no more confidence. Sigh.

jaguh said...

There were two things that spoil the fun last night , Own Stupidity and Crappy tires .. We both have ego issues , need some work on that first before going up next time .. Thank god we had experienced total loss of control during the Bukit Jalil Drift Academy session and how to dealt with it , special thanks to Jai, teach me alot on how to spun correctly .. with an open diff i still smokes up the road haha ..

Was surprised with my car performance , the car didn't understeer at all even when taking sharp turn on quite a high speed .. More and more in love with my KEtam .. it's just love to oversteer , really scary shit .. more scarier if u have one iswara "cucuk" u when you cant even control the car .. The power of a 4k engine as usually suck , but it get the job done , average around 60-70km/h during uphill and around 85km/h when going downhill , My car Ig Timing was too advance , lots of knocking on high RPM hmmmh ..

Wawawa , agak2 my car play wangan can reach How many hunddies KM per hour ?? .. want to go 80Km/h oso payah ..

Rosso said...

Congratz to us coz still alive. lol.

KEtam.. Cool name! Can be used from now on.

Da Devil said...

wow...very lucky man....dun worry..shitz happened..
eh...wangan fun leh....coz u had to evade all the dangerous poth holes...lolz conquer ur fear...nex me oso..i wan to go and see the place...coz never been to there b4...haha...but go slow lar..u knw car damn heavy...haha

Chris said...

Bukit Langat?, is this the same as Ulu Langat? dude..if it is, we gotta go there sometime together =P

Rosso said...

Yep, Bukit Langat is at Hulu Langat.

Im a regular at the hills. Gimme a buzz if you wanna me join your touge session.

Chris said...

whaaaaat. I use to go touge running in a 1st gen CRV there (stupid,yes).

My contact, 014_32_60_773-chris

I have no touge sessions lol..sadly, just cruise if I have enough $ for fuel haha

Rosso said...

Ok bro, will contact u if we have another session. But for now, stop for a while. Net to let go the fear first and a pair of new tyres.


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