Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dato Sagor Track

Lets see, now that I already acquired the map. So hmm, just one more thing. Jaguh, please tell me the date that you free! Im thinking of 28-30.11.08 or 5-7.12.08 or 12-14.12.08. You tell me the date. Im invinting Kazu as well. TougeKing surely wanted all of us (noobies) at the track together. Muahaha. So?


jaguh said...

Still too early to confirm on the date bro .. still cant make my mind on all the problems im facing .. need to settle things according to its priority first ..

Life priority hierarchy
1st> God
2nd> Family
3rd> Study
4th> Monkeys
5th> Friends
6th> Motorsport
7th> My Car n bike
8th> Music
9th> If got time , GF wawawa

Currently having a dilemma about my study , that could lead to me not going .. sob sob ../jaguh89

Rosso said...

Just release tension on the track, why not? ;)

proxy_ieza said...

wanna follow...
but need jaguh 2 find a gal..
2 keep me company...

Rosso said...

Ask him to bring his gf. ;)

jaguh said...

Banyak lah lu Iza .. no need gal lah , aku bawak anak aku terus lah nanti .. huhu jaga ar ko anak aku .. msti tak boring punya .. We'll see k .. 28th eleven is still a long way to go ..


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