Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, Im a bit 'kekok' on writing stuff so forgive my typo and boring story.

Lets start! Most of my friends do call me Amar. Currently struggeling at UTMKL in Civil Engineering. While it is a boring course, I do have other things that Im interested such as cars and photography.

Boring isnt it? Hahaha.

Anyway, Happy Puasa to all yo!

By the way, some of my friends do ask me why my nick is Rosso. I use the name mostly in games. (DotA, Counter-Strike, Maple Story, and etc.) Why? Coz I think its cool. I got it when Im playing Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Although its a girl name, but why not make it a guy name. In college, they call me amaRosso when we are playing games. lol. What a unique co-incident.


Touge King said...

This is a blog that I look forward to visit. I am sure it will be filled with wonderful shots from your adventures :)

I'll be back!!!

Rosso said...

Thanks bro. Will try my best!

Dongdong86 said...

Yo! bro Amar! nice to meet you...i think we chat before in TK's blog!

Rosso said...

Yep, we still didnt get a chance to touge along together. :)

Hope you visit my pages often.

jaguh said...

wawawawa baby turn into blogger edi liao .. too many time on hand meyh huhu ..kc

Rosso said...

Wahaha. Must aim to be like TK! I want to have a life as colorful as him!

proxy_ieza said...

part-time blogger already??
well,im supporting u!


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