Monday, September 15, 2008

A gift from JB

My girlfriend, Mok just came back from Johore Bahru. She stays there by the way. See what she brought for me as a souvenir. lol.

An eyelid for my Getz! I'd been dreaming to have this eyelid since last year. Finally, my patience had been payed off. She brought it at Moffiz, a Getz tuner shop. I love the shop. It just that I dont have enough fund to go myself there so I asked Mok to get it for me. Hehehe.

So, after that I go to nearby hardware shop and get a sandpaper and double sided tape. I just finished sanding the eyelid. Later I will go and find the spray paint. DIY save a lot. And more fun too.

And today, while I was going to my classes, I spot this, a Watanabe rims with an offset! Nice isnt it? Guess the car? Its Nissan Vannete. Damn, it should be on Jaguh's KEtam not Vannete.


Da Devil said...

haha....i like the eyelids...make ur Getz look i wish my A31 can install it...haha

IDrift. said...

hmm haha aku tau korang slalu lepak william ler. cume aku ni first time kot pergi. tapi yeah agak best la cume atmosphere cam kureng.

aku tak sure pulak. chinese muslim kot. adik die pun cine.

proxy_ieza said...

dun care la wat u name me dear..

-->ya,a gift from me,with rm10 discount!!
well,hope u like it..
enjoy doing ur diy thing!

Rosso said...

DaDevil-A31 dont need any eyelid also already chun!

idrift-How's the bill? Hahahahha.

Mok-U mmg Mok~

jaguh said...

Sudah celik nak pejam .. wahahaha sure Getsie will look more meaner and more beng ish (in a good way).. Gud luck with ur DIY ing .. anything u cant do just sent to Jaguh Auto Works .. huhu .. for u i give minimal mark up price hehe ..


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