Friday, September 26, 2008

Auto Charge

Well, its quite rare to me ->someone asking me to test their stuff. So, Im lucky again. lol. This time, Mok's step mum in KL, ask me and her to test something which is called 'Auto Charge'. Well, to me its look like the voltage stabilizer thingy, which I already gotten myself a Raizin voltage stabilizer inside the hood. But if you saw their advertisment, this kind (plug into the ciggarate socket) also available.

They are claiming that this product will save up to 30% in fuel consumption. Plus they are giving money back if you did not satisfied with it plus 12months warranty.

Well, from brochure it said (Sorry Im not good translating Bahasa to English ) Auto Charge will stabilize your voltage inside the battery. And this stuff can sense changes in the current, and it will keep the energy and release it only when its needed. With this, the combustion process will become more efficient and the petrol cost can be reduced effectively.

This stuff have 3 functions:
*Voltage stabilizer
*Reducer of interference in electronic radar
*Battery doctor ( Maybe the meaning is this stuff can recharge your battery)

The benefits:
*Reduce the CPU interference, thus making it respond faster and enhanced it.
*Changing gear will be more smoother. (For auto tranny)
*A complete combustion occur.
*Engine can be started easily especially in the morning.
*Easy to use. (Plug and Play)
*Aircond will be much cooler.
*Brighter headlight.
*Enhance the quality of your car's audio.
*Reduce the black smog.
*12months warranty.

So lets try it! Pics of the stuff in my car:

First thing I noticed, my car can start easily in the morning. Which mean, cold start is not a problem to me anymore. Plus my aircond is making me freezing inside. Audio? Bass is beating to the max! And Im having a smoother changes in gear. So less sluggish gear change now.

As for fuel consumption, Im still monitoring it. But today, 1bar of fuel, I managed to go around 80-90km. I had been to Cheras->Shah Alam->Cheras->Wangsa Maju->KLCC->Cheras. All in one bar only. Miracle? Maybe. Cant say much yet for the fuel consumption for now.

Oh, and this stuff will cost you RM400. (From brochure lah, I dont know the real price yet)


Da Devil said...

muehehe...bro..u oso get to test the fuel saver thingy calculate by how many RM/km and liter/km...den knw approx how much...

Chris said...

Auto Charge your bank account ada la =P

*cabut* dont let your mother-in-law see this. <--see what I did there? =P

Rosso said...

Update, 1bar of fuel can go 115km!! Thats wonderful!!

Kazu = I fail the fuel math. Sorry. Hahahaha.

chris = Im not going to sell it, just promoting. Hehehe. Auto Charge my account is a good idea also

Da Devil said...

haha...nvm...u juz let me knw how much u pump for how many km ur car run....hehe


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