Friday, September 26, 2008

Raya Shopping round 2

Today, I went shopping with Mok for Raya preparation. And our last hang out together coz she's driving to JB tomorrow. lol. So I skipped my evening class. Its not that I want to skip it, its that I fell asleep around 12pm until 4pm. Argh.. Im getting wayyy behind others if I continue to skip classes. I should be improving and motivating myself. Maybe after Raya, we'll see a new 'Amar'. lol. Hahaha. It wont happen. Trust me.

So my agenda today is to buy a few T-shirts. Mok wanted to buy a shoe. What? Shoe again!?? So I bought my tees, and follow her to find her Raya shoe.

Pic of her trying out the shoe:

Mok having a hard time choosing.

Mok finally found one~ Wee. And 'fuh' to me coz Im tired. Hahaha.

Cant women wear something like men wear? A PROPER shoe with all-kind of comfort features? To me, a comfort shoe is my skate shoe. Thick sole, ankle guard, bulky ( it looks nice), and of course when you are skating, you need a grip on the foot. The shoe in the pic is my newest collection (I do have a collection of skate shoe, around 6pairs. Hahaha). This model belongs to a professional skateboarder, Arto Saari. In other terms, they called it 'Pro-Model'. And this one? Its a collectors item which make it quite rare in Malaysia. Hehehe. Price? Few years ago, its around RM300-400. Mine? I get it for RM150 coz clearance sale and the last pair! Lucky me. (Bear in mind, Im always lucky. lol)

So after that, we went to Johnny's Steamboat for our 'buka puasa'. I dont like steamboat though, I just love their spinach noodle. Its BBQ Chiken noodle or I forgot lah! But its number 65 in the menu if you interested to try my favourite meal. Mok tried their 'Tom Yam Noodle' which is quite spicy. I dont like spicy foods~

And finally, something interesting happened in Sg. Wang parking lot.

First we have The 'most-stupid-asshole-retarded-blind' driver I saw in my whole life!
Dont get the picture? First, this happen in front of the entrance. The Wira's owner think his/her car is the biggest in the world, thus he/she can takes TWO parking lot for his/her car. What an ass!! Luckily there are security guard around, if not, Im volunteering myself to scrath the car and most likely Im going to write "Stupid & blind driver inside" on the Wira's door and boot. Stupidity occurs everywhere in KL! I hope I can move to somewhere else soon. To Perak, Kg Gajah I hope. Hehehehe. Right Mr TougeKing?

And then ,besides the retarded Wira, we have a Myvi from Race Craft. This car had been featured in Hypertune not long ago. Full of goodies. Nissan brakes all-around (4pot front, 2pot behind I think), carbon fibre goodies from front to back, nice rim BUT 1.0cc. Hehehe. Its a show car (Race Craft = They sell carbon fibre products in Malaysia), so it doesnt need to get too fast or else people cant see the carbon fibre. Right right?


Chris said...

That Myvi looks like a toy..not a TOYota tho.

Women, and their shoes. Kinda like how we have different sets of rims for our rides LOL!..wait what?

Rosso said...

That Myvi is a goodie bag I tell you. Carbon fibre all way around. Argh.. Some more Nissan brakes all around. Damn~

Me? I only have 2sets of rims. lol

Chris said...

Myvi fails at cornering. Since every single Myvi that see's my car's ass seems to love to TIONG me..but they can hardly take a corner without the driver pissing his pants. =P

Rosso said...

Mok drives Myvi, confirm she will be pissed. Hahahaha. lol.

Myvi's roofline too tall, same goes to Getz~ Sigh.. Actualy the car wasnt meant to be a racing car. lol. Its city car.

proxy_ieza(Mok) said...

me here!
waaa...quite pissed off talking bout myvi huh??!
never mind...
wateva it is..i love my car..
my 1st year raya-ing with my new car..hahahha
myvi is a compact car maa..
just for cruising..
not for racing instead..
if wanna race,go n buy 1 race car..

macam xbiasa pula..huhu

Chris said...

My sis & grandma has a Myvi, they are excellent cars for what they are designed for.

But for those Ah Beng who think the just bought a R34GTR, with a Myvi body..speechless man. I always kena cucuk from them on the highway & roadways..IN THE SLOW LANE summore..apa la.

No harm intended to regular Myvi owners =D. But those whose who mod they myvi like toy car..dont know what to say..

Rosso said...

Myvi = Passo la kononya in Malaysia.

So can brag about it. lol. Just counterparts only. :P


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