Saturday, September 13, 2008


Everybody want to be unique! As for me, the number 3345 are really special to me. I think in chinese, number 4 is a bad number. 4 is die right?

It start a few years ago when my dad bought a Honda CR-V with a plate number of WKG 3345. I dont have any pictures of the car though. So you guys might think "So what? It just a normal number." Well actually my old house was at 33, Jalan Suasana 4/5, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, 43200 Cheras KL. That is the beginning of my family using 3345 as a uniqueness.

Then, my dad's car plate number is WMX 3345, my car is WML 3345, and my mom's car is WQR 3345. And not forgetting my grandpa's car XXX 3345 (the xxx coz I forgot the alphabet. Haha).

That's not the end! I myself had offered to my dad to continue the '3345' legacy. So one of those are my handphone number! Which is myself is 012 72 3345 4, and my girlfriend's number also 012 72 3345 X. Sadly my Digi number cant be chosen.

Oh, there's another one! The car's colour. From the CR-V until my dad's car is a silver colour. UNTIL, my mom decide to break the uniqueness by having her car in white. Sigh. Cant be saved.

What about you? Hehe.


Chris said...

Wah.. nice cars, loaded wei. =)

Da Devil said...

lol..bugger...din tell me u got blog ady...haha....nice car indeed...and and...the getz need grill lar...lolz haha

Rosso said...

Chris: Wei I didnt show up the car model ler. Just the plate num.

Kazu: I told ya I want your grill. Hehe

proxy_ieza said...

ok then,its ur family lagacy..
n im into it already..hehe
maybe next time we should combine my fam's legacy wuth urs..


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